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Auke Visser and the Lieveloo family

Peter Swart - 5th October 2020 - 0 comments

On the Internet there is a family tree of the Lieveloo family with the name Auke Dirksz Visser. He was assistant steward on the frigate Huis te Warmelo. Auke is related to the Lieveloo family through his granddaughter Annetje who married Jacob Josias Lieveloo in 1751. Therefore, descendants of this couple are also descendants of Auke Dirksz Visser. One of them is Rob Lieveloo from France who published the family tree on the Internet.(1) Since June 2020, he knows that his distant ancestor was a crew member of the Huis te Warmelo.


Marriages and children

After his death in 1715, Auke Visser left behind a wife and five sons.(2) The eldest son Dirk was then 29 years old, married and with  children of his own. The second eldest son Aris married in 1716. Jacob and Cornelis, the two youngest sons, both married in 1724. No marriage registration has been found of the middle son Theunis.
Auke Visser’s five children were born from multiple marriages. The three eldest sons came from his marriage with Aafjen Aris Schellinger, the two youngest he had with Etjen Jacobs Tolk. In total, Auke got married four times of which three times as a widower. His last wife Helena Hendriks, whom he married in 1707, survived the assistant steward of the Huis te Warmelo. He had no children with her.


Visser alias Tolk

A notable name change took place in the Visser-Lieveloo family line. Jacob Aukesz Visser, the fourth son of Auke Visser, adopted the surname Tolk.(3) The name derives from his mother Etjen Jacobs Tolk. In 1724, Jacob married Trijntje Jacobs Jordaan. One of their children is the aforementioned Annetje who is the link with the Lieveloo family.
Aris and Auke, two other children of the Visser alias Tolk-Jordaan couple, turned out to be patriots. In the late eighteenth century, the patriots opposed the stadholder and the ruling elite in the Netherlands. Aris Tolk settled as a book printer in Haarlem and afterwards in the Dutch town of Edam. After the failed patriot revolution in the year 1787, Aris had to leave Edam.(4) Auke Tolk lived in Medemblik all his life. He was briefly a member of the patriot town council there. In 1795, Auke Tolk represented Medemblik in the Provisional Representants of the People of Holland, then the highest governing body in the province of Holland.


Lieveloo family

Back to Annetje Tolk, the granddaughter of Auke Visser who married Jacob Josias Lieveloo. They lived in Medemblik where their ten children were born and baptised. After the death of Jacob Josias Lieveloo, Annetje moved with her children to Alkmaar in 1783.(5)
It is worth mentioning  the fate that befell Trijntje Lieveloo, a daughter of Annetje and Jacob Josias. Like her great-grandfather, she died at sea. Trijntje died on  the ship Carel and Magdalena in 1792 when giving birth. The ship was heading for Demerary in South America. Trijntje Lieveloo was married to Nicolaas Hendrik de Lange, a descendant of a well-known family from Alkmaar. He worked for the administrative apparatus in the Dutch West Indies.(6)

Rob Lieveloo is descended from Hermanus, the youngest child of Annetje Tolk and Jacob Josias Lieveloo. Rob’s ancestors remained associated with the Dutch town of Alkmaar well into the nineteenth century and held positions in government service. The cradle of his grandfather, Adam Jacob Josias Lieveloo, was also in Alkmaar. He volunteered in military service in 1884 and later became an administrative officer at the Municipality of The Hague. Adam Jacob Josias celebrated his 50-year employment with the government there in 1934.(7) He was the sixth generation after Auke Visser, Rob Lieveloo is the eighth.


Figure: Group portrait from 1898 on the occasion of the engagement of Adam Jacob Josias Lieveloo and Hermina Christina Matser. The betrothed are in the middle, he is wearing a military uniform. (Rob Lieveloo)


This article is written with help of Rob Lieveloo from France.
Visit here his website about the Lieveloo family.


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