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Three surgeons

Peter Swart - 1st August 2019 - 0 comments

The treatment of the ill and injured aboard the Huis te Warmelo was in the hands of three surgeons: first surgeon Jan Swart from Egmond aan Zee, second surgeon Claas Maartensz Bonefaas from Alkmaar and third surgeon Jan Ringeling from the isle of Marken. In June 2019, an article about these three men from the Dutch province of North Holland was published in Koggenland, the magazine of the West Frisian section of the Dutch Genealogical Society.

Genealogical publications

Genealogical research had been previously undertaken on the Swart family from Egmond and the Ringeling family from Marken. This greatly facilitated the search for information about the three surgeons. For example, Jan Swart from Egmond is mentioned in the book Eight generations of the Swart family by authors Rita Bijl and Aarnout Leijnse.
In 1982 J.H.A. Ringeling published the book Chronicle of Mr. Anthoni Claasz Ringeling and his descendants on Marken, in Waterland and the West Indies. Although the third surgeon Jan Ringeling fits into this family history perfectly, he is not mentioned in the book. Do you want to know why?

Look here for the article (NL).

Figure: A surgeon treats a leg injury of a man sitting on a chair. (Rijksmuseum)